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My Recipe Book

Written using C#, WPF and containing a small sql server 2005 express database. This app will store all the ingredients, recipes and menus for you.

Basic Project Idea

I started this project to teach myself WPF, I've developed in C# for a number of years using Win Forms and some ASP.NET but not really touching the WPF side, so I decided it was about time. Since I needed some project to work on as just playing around with this and that never really teaches you how all the components mesh together I decided to write an app I would actually use and since I love cooking I decided to write an application that would store recipes and help me make up menus... So thats were the project came from.


10/05 - Replaced some User Controls with Custom Controls - just to keep it tidy (and maybe make it easier to theme later)
10/03 - Moved custom controls and classes into their own seperate projects this should make it easier to maintain (also making the main project less cluttered)!
10/02 - No longer using Windows.Forms.MessageBox for information - change it so that the entire application gets drawn over so you cant miss it (thinking i might make this a control so i can determine buttons , text, icons etc)


1 - Viewing Ingredient (with Image)


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